Pro-Life Philippines Foundation released a tear-jerking, thought provoking commercial

Yesterday, the Pro-Life Philippines foundation released a commercial through the Youth 4 Life Facebook page (which is affiliated to them). The commercial which clocks in at exactly one minute and thirty-three seconds fully captures the advocacy that the organization supports which is the advocacy of being against abortion.

The commercial which is titled "Before doing it, think about it" shows a woman who has suffered a miscarriage and is exhausting all options in order to become pregnant again alongside a woman who is desperately trying so hard to abort her unborn child. There is no dialogue present in the commercial so one has to pay attention to the visuals in order to get the message that the commercial wants to convey. 

Even though the commercial only has visuals and background music, the commercial’s attempt to convey its message to viewers is effective as we have been left in tears and deep thought after we watched the commercial. The same effect which we are all familiar with when watching those Thai Insurance Commercials – and those commercials even come with dialogue and the cinematographic techniques you see in those commercials are almost the same as in "Before doing it, think about it". 

Not all of us may agree on the message conveyed by the commercial and not all of us may agree with the organization responsible for the commercial but we can all agree that this commercial is putting our country a step closer to producing commercials that can reach the caliber of the Thai Insurance Commercials while being distinctly Filipino.

What did you think of Pro-Life Philippines Foundation’s latest commercial?


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