New music from Vell Baria, Andrea Brillantes, Ataska Mercado, Alfa and John Cadelina

Five up and coming OPM artists are treating us to new releases this month!

First off the list is the Filipina Queen of YouTube covers, Vell Baria with her cover of Tamia’s “Loving You Still”.

Vell’s rendition remains as soulful as ever and it’s definitely a worthy tribute to the original version of the song. It is also worthy to note that Vell is the 2016 INAP nominee for Performing Arts (Adult) and with the quality of her talent, she’s definitely very worthy to win that category for the Philippines!

You can download her cover of “Loving You Still” for free here

Second off is Andrea Brillantes. the actress-turned-singer who just released her debut single “Happy To Be Me” last July 29th!

Andrea’s debut single is an upbeat tune that uses both the Filipino and English languages. This song is probably one of the only few bilingual OPM songs that’s actually worth hitting the replay button for (as bilingual OPM songs have this reputation of sounding ridiculous to the point that you’ll never want to listen to it again). 

Third off the list is Ataska Mercado with “Atras-Abante Ka”. The Voice Kids PH alumni turned musical actress released her first single earlier this month after being signed to Viva Records.

This is Ataska’s second original song (the first one is “Bulalakaw” which was not released as a single) and also her first single. Ataska’s first single is a really infectious tune, to be quite honest – and we are loving every single second of it! Aside from releasing a new single, Ataska also plays a role in Resorts World Manila’s staging of “Annie” as Pepper.

Fourth off our list is Alfa with “Bare Feet”. The Filipina Indie Pop singer based in New Jersey, United States has an upbeat track to offer to us, perfect for the weekend drive.

Well actually, this is not just a perfect song for your weekend drive but you might also find yourself aimlessly dancing to this song because of the positive vibes that it brings out.

The song is now available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Last and not the least is John Cadelina with “Damgo”. The Bisaya pop track’s title means “Dream” in English (and “Pangarap” in Filipino). John is the winner of this year’s Vispop, a song contest for Visayan artists.

The song is basically about chasing one’s dreams and never letting go of the people who help you get to your dreams. Here’s a quick look at the chorus:

Salig lang, di ta gyud ka biya-an
Mo-lupad na tang duha
Hangtud kung hain ta dalha
Ablihi ang imong panghuna-huna
Mga pangandoy ta kabut-on

Which in English is…

Trust me, I will never leave you
The both of us will fly
To wherever we will be brought
Open your mind
to the dreams that we will reach

Regarding the musical style of this song, it is reminiscent to Owl City and in fact, some people have seen John Cadelina as the Visayan Owl City since this song came out and won this year’s Vispop.

Do you love these songs? Let us know on the comments section below!


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