A day in Tahilan: World Youth Day and the UNIV Forum 2017 Launch

Last Saturday, we spent a day at the Tahilan Residence and Study Center for their talk on the World Youth Day in the morning and their launch of the UNIV Forum (that is simultaneous with other KALFI-affiliated study centers).

Part 1: The World Youth Day Talk

Last week was the World Youth Day and with that, Tahilan decided to hold a talk simultaneously where we learned about the history of the World Youth Day. The resource person for this talk was Miss Nicey who also joined the World Youth Day in 1995 when it was held in Manila.
Miss Nicey showing us videos on the history of WYD 
It was also during this talk when we found out that 2016 was not the first time that Poland hosted the World Youth Day. The first time Poland hosted the World Youth Day was in 1991 in the city of Czestochowa. That of course, gave us hope that Philippines could host the next World Youth Day to the point that we jokingly put a bet of it, with others in the talk saying that South Africa could host next since of all continents, Africa hasn’t hosted WYD yet – except none of us actually won that bet because the next day, we found out that Panama was selected as the next host country.
After the talk on the World Youth Day, we had a Polish-themed lunch
The table display for the Polish lunch
The Pierogi that they served us
Fun Fact: Ate Tal (one of the staff of Tahilan, we assume) told us that they had to call up a Polish chef who was based here in the Philippines so that they could ask him how to make authentic Pierogi and instructions were given over the phone as they attempted to make the dish. Tahilan’s attempt on the Pierogi was very delicious so the phone call they made to that Polish chef was truly worth it!

Pierogi + the other food served at the Polish lunch
For dessert: A pie with the flag of Poland for the icing

Part 2: UNIV Forum 2017 Launch

In the afternoon was the launch of the UNIV Forum. The launch is simultaneously done not just by Tahilan but by other KALFI-affiliated study centers all over the Philippines. This year’s theme for UNIV Forum 2017 is on Migration which is timely considering that the refugee crisis is still ongoing.
The UNIV  Forum 2017 primer
UNIV Forum is an international research congress held in Rome, Italy since 1968 and it has spawned continental research congresses such as the UNIV Seminar Asia-Pacific (also known as USAP; covers nations in Asia and the Pacific) as well as national research congresses such as the UNIV Philippine Final Congress (also known as UPFC). USAP and UPFC are both run by the Kalinangan Youth Foundation (KALFI), an NGO dedicated to developing female leaders.
Since KALFI runs USAP and UPFC, most of the time, only women are allowed to enter as delegates and/or presenters while in UNIV, both men and women can participate as delegates and/or presenters.
Miss Dianne (one of the admins of Tahilan) explains the mechanics of UNIV 
Another resource person of the UNIV launch explaining the theme of next year’s UNIV
Basically, the mechanics of joining UNIV is that one has to keep in touch with their nearest KALFI study centers (for women interested to participate in UNIV) or to these four study centers for men interested to participate in UNIV: Maynilad Study Center (Manila), Amber Drive Study Center (Pasig), Sugbu Study Center (Cebu) and Kapuluan Study Center (Quezon City).
The next step is that you would be asked to choose between making a paper, a video or a poster for your UNIV entry then you are assigned to a mentor who will help you with your UNIV entry. Then comes the review by the scientific committee (we do not know how it works for male entrants but for female entrants, the review takes place in Tanglaw Study Center).
Then if you pass through the scientific committee, for female entrants, you are qualified to the UNIV Philippine Final Congress and from there, you can be qualified for the UNIV Seminar Asia Pacific as well. As for male entrants, we do not know what their national and continental levels for UNIV are.
Ultimately though, whether you are a male or female entrant, once you have gone through the scientific committee and the national research congress – you can be qualified for both the continental level (UNIV Seminar Asia Pacific) and of course, the UNIV Forum itself in Rome.
If you want to go to UNIV as a delegate, all you have to do is express interest to your nearest study center and they’ll tell you how to register for UNIV as a delegate.
The cards for the next talk Tahilan’s having on UNIV 
This coming August 13, Tahilan will be having the “UNIV USAP experience” where we’ll hear testimonials from participants of the previous USAPs. The event will be at 5:30 in the afternoon and since Tahilan is a ladies residence hall, only women can join the event.

Tahilan Residence and Study Center is located at 2396 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila and you can visit their website here and their Facbeook page here.


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