Female Solidarity: Pia Wurtzbach asks fans to stop bullying Jessy Mendiola

In the past few days, FHM Sexiest Woman 2016 awardee Jessy Mendiola was marred with criticism after she made a comment wherein she said that if Pia Wurtzbach is confidently beautiful with a heart, she is confidently sexy with a heart – and this comment did not sit well with fans of Pia Wurtzbach.

After the controversy initially erupted, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach stated that she understands why Jessy made such statement as it came from her excitement of winning FHM’s Sexiest Woman award this year.

Still, people continued to bash Jessy. Even going as far as poking fun of her physical looks (in particular, haters made fun of her thick thighs).

Finally, Pia Wurtzbach stepped in on the situation for the second time to address her fans on a tweet to tell them to stop bullying Jessy already.

The tweet reads “Seriously though, enough w/ the Jessy Mendiola hate. Confident Filipinas should be celebrated, not condemned” and was accompanied with the hashtags #NoToBodyShaming and #NoToBullying.

This is an important development that you’re seeing. This is what intersectional feminism looks like. Jessy and Pia may not look the same physically, they may have different attitudes but they are confident women who deserve the praise that’s coming to them in their own right.

Sure, Jessy may have earned her title from a men’s magazine while Pia got hers from a prestigious beauty pageant but how they earned the titles they are holding now does not make Jessy a lesser woman than Pia or Pia a better woman than Jessy.

The two reached where they are today coming from different circumstances and that fact should be respected, not used against either of them.

Everybody, take note, this is how you properly do intersectional feminism.


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