Mikey Bustos spends a night with the Cheese Club of the Philippines

The YouTube star, fresh from his success from his well-received parody of Meghan Trainor’s “No”¬†attended an event last night at the Manila Polo Club.

The event was hosted by the Cheese Club of the Philippines, a club for well, cheese lovers in the Philippines that started in the 1980s, way back when the only cheese in our country were those mass-produced by Kraft and the local cheese made from carabao milk.

Mikey had the honor to attend one of the club’s weekly events where they meet at the Manila Polo Club and he shared his experiences of socializing with members of the Cheese Club of the Philippines on social media, giving us a peek into what these weekly events of the CCP are like.



He also promoted his Snapchat account on the pictures he posted from the CCP event that he attended last night which is great because we all need more Mikey Bustos in our life and following his Snapchat account is one way of getting that for those days when he isn’t updating his YouTube channel.


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