Five times Lito David dragged Rodrigo Duterte

These days, the Koalisyong Katoliko Kristiyano party leader-slash-radio commentator Rizalito “Lito” David has been paying close attention to the problems of our country and that of course, includes calling out the President on the mistakes he makes when needed.

Lito has long moved on from his days of criticizing Grace Poe to the point of even following her on Instagram sometime after the elections ended (thank God!) and now, he is focusing on the things that truly matter -making sure that our President is held accountable for his actions.

Since President Duterte was declared winner of this year’s elections, he has been keeping a watchful eye on him because for one thing, Lito David actually has national government experience as a Chief Strategic Officer and later a Head Executive Assistant to Senators Francisco Tatad and Robert Jaworski (who are heavyweight Senators of their time).

He’s not just a random Facebook user with no public service-related credentials who’s commenting about the government’s deficiencies on the perspective of a public servant in the national level (take that, Mocha Uson!).

Hold on to your seats because here are the five (out of the many more) times that Lito David dragged the President (and his supporters)

1. That time he lowkey dragged the “Dutertards” by posting a link to a research stating that “Facebook makes us dumber”


2. That time he implied that the President probably makes big decisions for our country while drunk


3. That time he called the President a “personification of an Angry Bird”


4. That time he considered the President toxic to one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health


(You might want to consider him a toxin to one’s sexual health as well?)

5. That time he lowkey dragged the President with his profile picture, not just once


But twice!


Setting the superficial things aside, we really think he should try another shot at being an elected official and we are rooting for him to at least, start with the Barangay elections this year. It’s not yet too late for him to re-enter public service as an elected official.

In fact, when 2022 comes around, he and Grace Poe should really be running mates because if Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Francisco Tatad can set their differences aside to try running this country together, why can’t Lito and Grace?

Heck, Lito and Grace probably have more chances of being elected than Miriam and Francisco. They have the kind of pragmatism you don’t find in Miriam and Francisco (no offense to them though), the kind of pragmatism that can actually win elections and bring change to this country.

We have more reasons why they’d make a good tandem but we’re saving that for another post.


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