‘Kabilang Ibayo’ show review: A musical take on Asian issues

Last night, we watched “Kabilang Ibayo”, a multicultural musical by the DLSU Harlequin Theater Guild that tackles on the issues that Asian people go through. Here’s what we think of the musical.

Venue and Date

Kabilang Ibayo is staged at the Agusto-Rosario Gonzales (ARG) Theater of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and the show date that we watched was the 7pm showing for August 5, 2016. The venue is not as huge as Solaire Theater but it’s already good enough.

The musical itself

Kabilang Ibayo is a multicultural musical that tackles the issues that Asians face and the musical shows how different Asian nations come together to deal with these issues.

The first act of the musical is about Asians who are auditioning as cast members for “Mystery Land” (a parody of Disneyland). The first act emphasizes the phenomenon of Asians migrating to the United States in hopes of a better future that their home countries cannot offer to them.

The second act of the musical is set in Singapore and focuses on a Filipino-Singaporean couple’s misadventures with their robot, Mina. The second act focuses on the ups and downs of the married couple who are childless as in Singapore, their government has been trying to encourage married couples to have more children in order to solve their population crisis.

The third act of the musical takes place in South Korea and focuses on three spinsters (known as “Ahjummas” in Korean). The third act focuses on the fact that in South Korea, most people who fail to marry at a certain age usually end up growing old alone since they do not have children who will be the ones to take care of them once they have grown old.

Our thoughts on the musical

The musical was able to show us different issues in different Asian countries in three acts and our favorite act in the musical was the first one as it is something that most Asians can relate to, whether we actually have intentions to move to the United States or not. The cast and the crew of the musical were able to produce something worthy of award nominations which is quite a huge feat for a play produced by university students.

The only issue that we saw with the musical was the fact that the mic of the actress who plays Mina malfunctioned throughout the second act but nevertheless, we were still able to hear what she was saying – we just hope that in the future showings, they fix this technical error. Besides that, we have no other problems with the musical.

On a scale of 1-5, we would give this musical a 4.

Kabilang Ibayo runs from August 4-6, 2016 and for the August 6, 2016 staging, there are two showing times – 3pm (matinee performance) and 7pm (gala night). Tickets are at P280 and you can purchase tickets by contacting the DLSU-HTG on their Facebook page. The official hashtag for the show is #KabilangIbayo.


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