IngraTrump: Donald Trump calls the Philippines a “terrorist nation”

The reality TV show host and real estate mogul is back at it again with his full blown racism!

Yesterday, the reality TV show host, real estate mogul and GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump told supporters that Somalis and other refugees from “terrorist nations” should be banned from the United States.

Among the countries he labelled as “terrorist nations” are Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen with the Philippines being the sole country in the list that does not have a Muslim-majority population.

And in a Manny Pacquiao-like fashion, he likened these nations to animals, seething to his supporters that “we’re dealing with animals”.

In case Trump has forgotten, he has a business interest in the Philippines namely the Trump Tower Manila (which is jointly owned by the Century Properties Group because foreigners can’t own a business in the Philippines without a business partner who is a Filipino citizen).

His real estate development here in the Philippines is slated to open sometime this year at the Century City in Makati. The development is worth $150 million (or six billion pesos).

What he just said about the Philippines may of course, affect Trump Tower Manila’s chances of being successful considering that we do not take racists here lightly. Plus, if Trump Tower Manila does fail to reach completion, it wouldn’t be the first Trump Tower that’s eventually left unfinished – Trump Tower Philadelphia and Tampa (both in the USA) were never finished (though not for the same reasons that Trump Tower Manila could be unfinished) and so was the Elite Tower in Israel (a variant of the Trump Tower).

You might consider him an “ingrata” (ungrateful) for this in the sense that our country has allowed him to operate a business here, one worth billions of pesos in fact, only to reduce us to terrorists simply because of the few extremists that happen to live in our country.

Could he get a mouthful from President Duterte? Who knows!


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