Meet Crispin Duenas, the Filipino in the Canadian Olympic Team

One of the members of the Canadian Olympic Team for the 2016 Summer Olympics is a Filipino.

Crispin Duenas is born to pure-blooded Filipino immigrants to Canada and has been representing Canada at the Olympics since the year 2008 in the Beijing Olympics. He represents Canada in the sport of Archery, specifically as a recurve archer.


In addition to that, Crispin is also a high school mathematics and physics teacher. The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero is his third Olympics. His second one being the 2012 Olympics in London. Aside from that, his archery career also earned him the moniker of “The Black Duck”.

Crispin originally had intentions of representing the Philippines in the Olympics but change of plans happened when Canadian Archery Federation, which has helped in his career as an archer since he was fourteen, didn’t let him go.

Of course, that change of plans did not stop him from being proud of his heritage according to Joan McDonald, his coach since he was fourteen. Most of all, the change of plans he faced did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming an Olympian – in fact, it opened the door for him to have more chances of being involved with the Olympics.

More facts about Crispin


Crispin Duenas is a testament that being a Filipino living outside the Philippines does not make you “less Filipino” because what really makes one a Filipino is the knowledge and love for our heritage even if one is part of the Filipino diaspora and not among the Filipinos living in the Philippines (after all, you can be a natural-born Filipino with a Filipino citizenship and residency in the Philippines and still not have the knowledge and love for our heritage).

So if you are hesitant on supporting the Philippine Olympic Team whether it’s because of their chances of winning or as a protest to the current government of our country but you are torn between doing that or not because it might make you “less Filipino” – why not consider supporting Team Canada’s Crispin Duenas instead? He is still a Filipino and he is not a lesser Filipino than you or us.

And to get you started, you can follow Crispin on Twitter and you can watch him compete at the Round of 64 for the Archery Event of the 2016 Olympics this August 10, 2016 at 8pm on TV5 (Channel 5 on Free TV, they also have a livestream here).


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