Pokemon Go & The Hype Among the Millennials

Finally, Pokemon trainers in the Philippines rejoice! Niantic and Nintendo Inc. has launched the most hyped smartphone game in the year, Pokemon Go. Fans here in the Philippines, after the month-long hype on numerous Facebook groups, can play the game legitimately without downloading the APK app that threatens to block their smartphones, at least for Android users.

Pokemon Go was launched on August 6, 2016 here in the Philippines.


Why the hype?

Even before its release in the Philippines, many Filipino fans are already into the hype of Pokemon Go. Despite its unofficial release in the country way back last month and its potential flaws in the Niantic’s servers, people are already in the hurry to play the game.

Also, iOS users in the country still cannot play the game as well because of Apple’s geo-restrictions, which forced people to use the US (or any country where Pokemon Go is already released) App Store as well as ASUS Zenfone users, for a different reason, the app doesn’t support Intel-based smartphones. It also turn-offed many middle class & thinking class people into the app thanks to the bandwagoners, which composed of the people belonging to the “jejemon” class.

Social media – the medium of the 21st century, has contributed a great distribution of news about the app. Some of them are even annoyed by the endless Facebook & Twitter posts about the upcoming game when they even reached the point to put such filters similar to AdBlock. PokeGone is a great example, created by Jamie Farelly, this disables all Pokemon-related posts in any social media.

Unlike the rebirth of the 80s icons like The Smurfs, which faded back into obscurity after the failed reviews of the live-action movie series, Pokemon had sparked interest among the geeks, 90s kids, and every millennial alike. The complexity of the TV series and the continuity of the movie series (still goes on as of 2014) and the neverending popularity of the games in Nintendo devices like Gameboy, NDS etc.

As of today, Pokemon Emerald and LeafGreen are still very popular in the emulators among casual gamers.


Little Known Pokemon Facts

  • You would taught that Pikachu was the first Pokemon? Think again! It’s Rhydon. Rhydon appears in the early days of the game franchise, which was then called Capsule Monsters
  • Also, Clefairy would be its alternative mascot. In the Red & Blue manga series, Ash Ketchum was accompanied by a Clefairy.
  • In the 4Kids US versions of the TV series, the original Japanese food were replaced by popular western food like hamburgers & BLT sandwiches.
  • Kanto Region, the first region in the Pokemon universe, was based on the real life Japanese region of the same name.
  • One Pokemon game was even released for Sega’s Sega Pico, Nintendo’s rival. Sega Pico is very popular among Japanese children in the 2000s as an edutainment tool
  • Ash’s Japanese name, Satoshi is a tribute to the creator of the whole franchise named Satoshi Tajiri.

As the game is finally available legitimately in the Philippines, we can finally catch them all!


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