Tonga’s Topless Flagbearer and more memorable entrances at the Rio 2016 Parade of Nations!

It’s sizzling hot at the Maracana Stadium!

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games had its opening ceremonies today at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janiero and millions were tuned in to watch the ceremonies unfold and to show support for their countries at the games.

The most awaited part of the Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies as always is the Parade of Nations where participation countries make their entrance at the venue of the opening ceremonies wearing outfits that represent their country’s culture.

We at Sampaguita Nation are bringing you a list of entrances at the Parade of Nations that we found to be the most memorable

Team Philippines rocking their Barong


A staple in the wardrobes of the Filipinos when representing the country abroad is the Barong so seeing our Olympians wear the Barong is definitely expected – and of course, that expectation has been met when our country’s Olympic Team entered the Maracana Stadium wearing that.

Team Canada’s “Red Sea”

The Canadian Olympic Team’s entrance left many people cheering and gushing at them and yes, even us Filipinos could not help but cheer and gush at them as they enter the Maracana Stadium. They’re just that loved! They’re not just good athletes but good humans in general, too.

Team Tonga’s topless flag bearer

Photo 06-08-2016, 9 45 25 AM

The heat at the Maracana Stadium just went to a new high when the Tonga delegation entered the Maracana Stadium – all thanks to their topless flag bearer,  Pita Taufatofua. 2016 Summer Olympics – you just got yourself your first Olympic Hottie!

Team Refugees fires up the Maracana Stadium


For the first time in Olympic History, a team consisting of refugees was formed for the 2016 Summer Olympics. This team is called the “Team Refugees” and they consist of ten refugee athletes from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo and Syria competing in three different events.

Their entrance to the Maracana Stadium brought the entire world together in cheering for them but what they need the most is for nations to work together to help their home countries recover.

Team Brazil closes the Parade of Nations


Last but not the least of course is the entrance of the Host Nation for this year’s Olympics. You gotta give it up for Team Brazil for ending the Parade of Nations with a bang as they brought out the loudest cheers (after Team Refugees) from the 70,000 people watching live at the venue.


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