Netizen finds Corned Beef Expiry Date sticker in their Tropical Hut Chicken Sopas

From Sarap na babalik-balikan to Sarap iwanan real quick!

There are always those days when you just want to grab some Chicken Sopas to fill your hungry stomach and Tropical Hut is one of those fastfood chain here in the Philippines that people go to when they need their fix of Chicken Sopas.

For Jerlon Gallaza, his fix of Chicken Sopas from Tropical Hut’s Ali Mall branch last August 6, 2016 was disrupted when he found a sticker bearing the expiry date for corned beef in their Chicken Sopas.

Being concerned for people who would order the dish from Tropical Hut in the future (and hopefully to bring the matter to the fastfood chain’s management), he posted a picture on his Instagram account to warn people not to fall in the same predicament as he did.

The caption on his Instagram post reads:

#atm #although masarap naman ung chicken sopas nla pero bkit may naligaw na expiration date ng corned beef s sopas q, #sablay #tropicalhut alimall cubao branch

[Translation: #atm #although their chicken sopas tastes good but why is there an expiry date for corned beef on my sopas, #fail #tropicalhut alimall cubao branch]

It is unknown if he had reported the incident to the management of the Tropical Hut branch that he ate in but Tropical Hut is no stranger to these kinds of quality control and sanitation problems.

Back in 2010, Michelle Ignacio of Certified Foodies mentioned of seeing a cockroach in the Monumento Branch of the fastfood chain.

A review of the fastfood chain’s Tomas Morato branch from 2013 also points out the fastfood chain’s lack of sanitation as a reason for giving the fastfood unfavorable reviews.

To top it all off, the fastfood chain generally remains unpopular in the Philippines despite still operating after so many decades (they have been unpopular since the entry of Jollibee and later, McDonalds, into the Philippine fastfood industry) – perhaps, it’s their failure to meet sanitation standards that contributed to their ongoing demise.

Do you think Tropical Hut needs to exert more effort to prevent these kinds of problems? Sound off in the comments section below!


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