Donald Trump to be barred from entering the Philippines

First, it was the United Kingdom – now the Philippines has plans to ban Donald Trump as well.

Albay Representative Joey Salceda has led the Philippines in fighting back against reality show host, real estate magnate and GOP Nominee Donald Trump. Today, he filed House Resolution 143 on the grounds that Trump is inimical to the national interest of the Philippines.

This was following Trump’s statement at a recent engagement where he referred to the Philippines as a “terrorist nation” (although his supporters claim that “Liberal” media outlets made that up – but you know, just like Trump, his supporters have no basis for their claims as well).

Speaking of having no basis, Trump has no basis nor justification of his claims that the Philippines is a “terrorist nation” as stated by Rep. Salceda. “Trump has clearly generated impressions not conducive to public good and has shown disrespect or makes offensive utterances to the Filipino people,” the resolution states.

This is also stated by the said resolution:

“Be it resolved, as it is hereby resolved, that the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation permanently refused Donald J. Trump entry into the Philippines,”

The Malacanang Palace has earlier called Donald Trump out for his remarks on the Philippines, with Communications Secretary Martin Andanar reminding him that he once called the Philippines a ‘special place’ going as far as launching a real estate property here (that’s the Trump Towers Manila in Makati, by the way!).


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