Change is coming: A page supporting a 2022 Presidential bid for Grace Poe has been launched

It’s only been a month since our new president has sworn in but looks like Change is Coming quicker than we expect – down to the point that a potential replacement for our President has been determined even before our President reaches a year in office.

And that’s how disappointed the Filipino people are with the President we elected.

Last July 4, 2016, a Facebook page named “Yes to Grace Poe for President 2022” was launched and their very first post was this one:

[Translation: Grace Poe will be the next President!]

Apart from that, they also designated an official hashtag for their movement which is #POE2022 and if you look into Twitter, you’ll see that people are already using the hashtag, even as early as the end of this year’s National and Local elections:

Even foreigners think that she should be in the 2022 Presidential Elections:

What could be the motivation behind this?

Consider it a revenge to Mar Roxas who destroyed her chances of winning the Presidency with his appeal to let her withdraw and join his campaign. That was how desperate Mar was on winning the Presidency – going as far as trying to pull down a fellow candidate who is obviously better than him.

A revenge to Miriam Defensor-Santiago who indirectly handed the Presidency over to our current President by telling undecided voters that Grace Poe bribed her into withdrawing (which is actually a lie – but hey, you’d do even the most horrible things for a friend right; in case you missed it, MDS is close friends with the President to the point of being too lenient to him).

A revenge to Jejomar Binay who said that Grace can’t be President because “she’s not Filipino enough” when he himself has done horrible things to this country with his inability to use government money only for official purposes.

Because of these three people we just mentioned – that’s how Rodrigo Duterte became president. Because those three people were skillful at destroying Grace, at making her look like she’s worse than Duterte when it’s always been the other way around.

Mind you, Grace Poe is not the one who sucks at fact-checking lists of public officials involved in illegal drugs these days. Grace is not the one who is fine with killing poor criminals these days while giving a leeway to rich criminals.

Maybe Duterte and his supporters should have been careful for what they wished for. They wished for change to come with no strings attached – and it did, going far to the point that they are now facing the reality that as early as now, it’s possible for them to kiss their privileges goodbye because someone stood up to tell them that it’s going to happen whether they’ll like it or not.

To basically put it, the Filipino people are motivated by their desire to undo the mistakes they made last May and this is their way of showing atonement.

2022 may be six years from now but it is always better to come prepared. Let’s just hope that Grace Poe will have a bigger and better campaign machinery come 2022. The “Yes to Grace Poe for President 2022” page is just the start but we’ve got a long way to go to ensure that her 2022 Presidential campaign would be a success. Only then can we be truly proud of our country.

You can visit the “Yes to Grace Poe for President 2022” page here


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