Crispin Duenas bows out on the Round of 32 of Men’s Archery in Rio 2016

But all is not over for the three-time Olympian.

At 3:31 AM today, Crispin Duenas competed at the Round of 64 for the Men’s Archery – Individual event at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He was up against Marco Galiazzo of Italy. He won the said round with the complete score of 5-27-27-28-27-28.

Despite Galiazzo’s highest scores for the round being 28 and 29, he was tied with Duenas on the first set where they both received five points but the five points was attained by Duenas first therefore giving Duenas an advantage over Galiazzo.

Duenas then proceeded to compete at the Round of 32 of the same event approximately an hour later where he faced Zach Garett of the United States where his complete score was 3-27-28-30-27-28. Despite having thirty points on his fourth set, he still lost to Zach Garett who scored 29 points thrice for that round.

Duenas competed as part of Section 4 in the Men’s Archery – Individual event.

He may not have made it until the quarter finals this year but we are very proud with how far he has gone on his 2016 Summer Olympics journey. It was definitely a good fight! Here’s to hoping that we’ll see him again at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Send your congratulations to Crispin Duenas by sending him a Tweet.


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