If the Filipinos’ relationship with the Philippines had a playlist, this would be it

Because we love to sing it away through thick and thin.

These days, literally everything has its own playlist and we have thought of put up a playlist that can describe our relationship with our beloved Philippines.

Cutting to the chase, here are the ten songs that accurately describe our relationship with our country.

1. Filipinos when the Philippines finally won Miss Universe after a decades-long drought in 2015


And in that moment Pia Wurtzbach won us the Miss Universe crown, every Filipino was proud of who they are. We may not have the “Westernized” looks but we know that inside and out, we are confidently beautiful with a heart.

2. Filipinos whenever a Typhoon (or even just a Low Pressure Area) decides to pop into the country

Because they say, the Filipino Spirit is Waterproof so we guess that explains why we chose this song to be our reaction song to every single time we end up experiencing Typhoons or Low Pressure Areas.

3. Filipinos when we’re stuck in the slowest highway in the Philippines

Because we’re literally stuck in the moment whenever we’re in EDSA and EDSA’s definitely going to fight with time and space so that you’ll be stuck there even longer. Never mind that we chose a Justin Bieber song for this because if there’s one thing that EDSA and Justin Bieber share, it’s the fact that both piss you off but you still can’t avoid them.

4. Filipinos when the Philippines finally won its first Olympic Medal in Twenty Years

The title is self-explanatory. Sure, it was just a silver but it already felt like winning gold (but we’re still waiting to actually win gold this year, though, but if not, the silver will do).


4. Filipinos when they saw the rate of extrajudicial killings go on an all-time high after the 2016 Elections

When strangers are coming / they come to your house / they kill you all and say, we’re not guilty, not guilty

That’s only three lines of the song but those lines are already chillingly relevant to what’s going on in our country. What more for the whole song?

5. 1,000,000+ Filipinos when they realized that they were just used by a certain Presidential candidate with credentials probably spanning the length of EDSA so that their best friend in the Presidential race wins the elections

To those of us part of the 1,000,000+ who got fooled by that Presidential candidate into believing that they were going to stand up for us and help us stop a catastrophe from becoming the next President, we have just one question: what the heck got us to be used like that? 

6. Filipinos when they finally decided they had it enough with the President and that it’s time to give him some tough love

Someone’s going to have a hard time earning our forgiveness, that’s for sure.

7. Filipinos upon realizing that migrating might save them all the troubles of this country

Walking into NAIA for that one-way flight to a better future like “Goodbye ‘Pinas, goodbye!”

8. Filipinos when they finally get their big break abroad after months (and oftentimes, years) of persevering.

You might think that it’s luck that got you there because of how overwhelmed you are with your big break (add in the fact that in some countries, it is a bit harder for Filipinos to make their big breaks)  – but really, it’s your hardwork that got you there and that’s what makes it even better.

9. Filipinos after the Philippines begs them to come back after they’ve made that big break

Sometimes, it gets into our nerves when our country starts begging Filipinos who got famous abroad to try their luck in their country – usually for the reason of their return here eventually destroying their already-flourishing careers.

There’s likely another reason why Crispin Duenas, Maria Aragon, Vincent Bueno and Rey Pagtakhan eventually decided not to continue their big break in the Philippines. Apart from the practicality of continuing your career where you have already settled, if they did come back here in the Philippines, they’d just end up being underappreciated for their efforts and expertise simply because face it, we can’t get to their level (yet).

Simply to put it, if you want to unlock your fullest potential and be appreciated for it, by all means, leave the country ASAP. You deserve better than a country that underappreciates you even if it has most, if not, all of the resources to appreciate you.

Are there any more songs that accurately describe our relationship with the Philippines? Sound off in the comments section below!


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