BREAKING: Tornado hits various areas of Manila

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

In the continuation of the heavy rains that Manila has been experiencing for almost a week, people in the city were faced with the most unexpected scenario: That of a tornado materializing in certain areas of the city.

The first sighting came from Sunshine Yu of Binondo who shared a video footage of the tornado forming at an area across Binondo 4:39 in the afternoon. The footage was taken from a high rise building.

Not long after, another footage of the same tornado surfaced from the Philippine Star but it was taken this time, along the Port Area of Manila, where the tornado originated.

A third footage of the tornado surfaced from Karen Daphne Madrigal who took the video from the top floor of a building near the Sampaloc area in Manila.

Other areas reportedly hit by the tornado are Quiapo, Sampaloc and Galas in Quezon City. It was also reported by The Manila Times that the tornado toppled motorbikes and metal barriers and sent roof panels and tree branches flying in the Intramuros area.

For safety reasons, people in Manila are advised to stay indoors until authorities have determined that the tornado has died down.


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