Cinemalaya 2016 Review: Pamilya Ordinaryo (2016; Philippines)

A tale of a teenage family surviving in the streets to make ends meet.

The Ronwaldo Martin (brother of famous Filipino actor Coco Martin) & Hasmine Killip starred film, Pamilya Ordinaryo tells the story of two teenage street dwellers Jane & Aries who thrives in street thievery for living. This shows the current reality on poverty & teenage pregancy in the country. It is been shown as part of the 12th Cinemalaya Film Festival, which was held in CCP & Ayala Malls Cinemas.


  • Ronwaldo Martin – Aries
  • Hasmine Killip – Jane
  • Moira Lang – Ertha
  • Maria Isabel Lopez – Jane’s mother


A child is playing on the street. And some car has crashed on the girl, Jane, along with her fellow street people, investigated the death of the girl. Afterwards, Jane was walking alone on the bridge leading to Quiapo and Aries suddenly went to her. They decided to name their baby, Arjan (a wordplay of their parents’ names combined).

They took turns in taking care of the baby while Aries went upon his sideline, doing robbery on the roads to make ends meet. During the funeral,  Jane and her son met a flamboyant loanshark named Ertha. She offers Jane a loan in return for Arjan’s food & diaper supply. Jane didn’t knew after being persuaded by Ertha, as they go to the supermarket to buy diapers (or Pampers in Philippine English slang – refers to the famous P&G diaper brand), her baby was kidnapped.

Aries didn’t accept Jane’s gullibility as she told him that the baby was lost because of her foolishness. They went around the city to look for him, from pleading to the radio station and all the way to a TV drama show, similar to GMA’s Magpakailanman or ABS-CBN’s MMK, which in the end Ertha had already sold the baby to other parents.

Upon random messages of criticism upon Jane & Aries’ parenthood, Jane saw a message leading to the supposed address which will lead to her son. Although Aries hesitated to go because of Jane’s gullibility, he finally went on to the journey to find their son. Aries finally went to a gated community and went to the address as the text message said. However, he didn’t realized that the baby he stole is not their son. Jane begged Aries to return the child to its home. They successfully returned the child but their grief lingers on as they finally accepted their son’s fate which in fact, he will have a better life, away from the gritter of the Metro Manila slums.


The crib used by Aries to steal the baby in which they taught was baby Arjan. This picture is part of the Cinemalaya exhibit at the lower floor of the CCP.


The film depicts the ongoing reality of poverty, teenage pregnancy & the deterioration of Filipino values in the country. Ertha’s character comes as a very nice person  who cares for the child’s welfare but as her real plans were unearthed, this brings the stereotypes of a flamboyant Filipino gay as a person they should not trust, as one of the characters of the film said,

“Hindi lahat ang mga bakla ay mabubuting tao”

Gay stereotyping has been the problem among the Filipino society. Most Filipinos nowadays think of gays are flamboyant, very noisy & nosy people & lack sophistication thanks to the unrealistic portrayals by the likes of Vice Ganda, which has always been in a controversy for giving the Filipino LGBT society a negative reputation.

Jane’s mother, which was played by the popular teleserye kontrabida Maria Isabel Lopez, shows her dissatisfaction of her life. This represents ungratefulness currently lingering in the country.

The parents in the film, Aries & Jane had been in the relationship as young as 14 years old. Their never separating love had disillusioned them from the reality of their lives. Poverty has been a problem in the Philippines in the beginning of the 1980s when political turmoils plagued the common society.

Teenage pregancy in the Philippines is at 26% according to the University of the Philippines Population Institute (UPPI). Problems arise when one couple’s party do not accept their child that one of them will bear or raise a child as the families of the couples aren’t even prepared for their children’s future yet. How can they support them once the parents are retiring soon? What will be the fate of the child if the parents and the grandparents cannot support them anymore due to deteriorating health, socioeconomic status etc?


It’s kinda interesting that they have the money to buy an addictive substance called rugby rather than providing themselves food.


  • Best Film Award – 12th Cinemalaya Film Festival 2016
  • Best Film Director – Eduardo Roy Jr.
  • Best Actress – Hasmine Killip
  • Netpac Prize, full length Award

The film will set to compete in the Venice Days Section in the prestigious 73th Venice International Film Festival.


This is a must watch film, even though the 12th Cinemalaya Film Festival is over. The portrayals of poverty and teenage parenthood is apparent and this serves as a lesson to avoid any form of premarital sexual contact, depending on the maturity & the socioeconomic reality of the people involved.

CINEMALAYA REVIEW: Pamilya Ordinaryo (2016)

Film Poster [Photo Credit:]


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