New Web Series Alert: RealTalk with Kuya AJ

Ang Pro-Life Partylist candidate Anthony James Perez tries his luck at being a YouTube star

Months after the loss of Ang Pro-Life Partylist at the 2016 National and Local Elections, one of its candidates, Anthony James Perez, branched out to making YouTube videos.

His web series on YouTube, titled “RealTalk with Kuya AJ” focuses on answering questions about sexuality and relationships – because you know, the sex education in the Philippines isn’t comprehensive enough (unfortunately!).

The first episode of the series was released just last August 16th and it answers the question about why sex is so satisfying and what makes it satisfying:

The second episode of the series, meanwhile, was released just yesterday, August 17. This time, the second episode answers the question of how you can find out if you’re ready to enter romantic relationships:

The language used in the episodes of “RealTalk with Kuya AJ” are a mix of English and Filipino (although Filipino is used more) – this is primarily because the target audience are Filipino teenagers (and though Filipino teenagers do have a good command of the English language, they use it in conversations just as much as they use the Filipino language).

You can subscribe to RealTalk with Kuya AJ on his YouTube channel and you can also like his web series’ official page on Facebook.


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