The Philippines reacts to Inday Sara’s pregnancy announcement

“Since you named your older children after sea creatures, will you name your triplets after Water-type Pokemon?”

At noontime today, it was announced that the First Daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is expecting triplets. The announcement also came with the ultrasound picture of the triplets that was shared by Vina Araneta.

As of 2:26 PM today, “Sara Duterte” trended ninth on the Twitter trends for the Philippines:


Tweets were coming in from both media outlets and netizens who were wishing the First Daughter well on her second pregnancy (her eldest daughter, Sharky, was adopted, while her eldest son, Stingray, was a product of her first pregnancy that came a few years after adopting Sharky).

The Malacanang Palace for instance, stated that the President has seen the First Daughter’s pregnancy as an inspiration to him:

One netizen could not help but imagine the Song triplets (the children of Korean star Song Il Gook) when the announcement of the First Daughter’s second pregnancy came out:

While another netizen could not help but wonder what the names of the Duterte-Carpio triplets would be:

The same netizen also speculated that the First Daughter might name her triplets after Water-type Pokemon this time to keep up with her tradition of naming her children after sea creatures:

We’re with you, Josette! In fact, we’re doing you a favor right now, asking the First Daughter herself if she’d think of doing that:

Others simply chose to send their congratulations to the First Daughter, telling her how blessed she is and giving her tips on how to get about with her pregnancy:

(Translation: Congrats Sara Duterte for the triplets! Tell Digong to be more calm so you won’t be stressed, pregnant people shouldn’t be stressed!)

(Translation: Strong sperm cell! Made triplets! Congratulations. Sara Duterte)

With approximately eight months left before the Duterte-Carpio Triplets will be born, we can’t help but feel so excited about it!

Will she name her triplets after Water-type Pokemon? Will Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach be a godmother to the triplets? Who knows?

For now, congratulations to the First Daugther on her second pregnancy!


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