Three cheers for Inday Sara: First Daughter pregnant with triplets

Lolo Digong has not just one, but three bundles of joy to look forward to!

The question to “Why was the first daughter not present during the SONA this year?” has finally been answered – it is because she is pregnant, not just with one, but three babies! That’s right, our First Daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio is now a mother for the third time, to triplets!

The news came today through an open letter that she released through the City Government of Davao’s official page on Facebook:

The open letter reads:

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all those who helped put up the celebrations for Kadyawan 2016.

Indeed, God has been generous on his blessings for our city and we thank him with this celebration.

I hope our thanksgiving this year will be happy. And on this happy note,

I would also like to share with you the news that I am pregnant and I cannot join you in the merry making activities.

We are expecting triplets and they are doing well on their 7th week. The human body is made to carry just one baby and I am experiencing threefold all the pregnancy symptoms that a woman goes through.

I am having a hard time with the symptoms as well as the complications of a multifetal pregnancy.

I will continue to work until I am allowed by the doctors to do so. However, I have been advised to avoid crowded places to lessen the chances of acquiring infections.

I may be physically weak but rest assured that I am on top of the situation here in our city

The First Daughter is also the Mayor of Davao City, by the way and she is expected to carry on with her duties as Mayor as usual until her due date or unless complication arises.

While we’re still waiting to find out the sex of the Duterte-Carpio triplets, here is the First Daughter’s latest ultrasound courtesy of Vina Araneta:


The Duterte-Carpio triplets will be first triplets to be born to a Presidential family. That’s quite a lot of firsts for the President now – first, it was being the first President from Mindanao for him, he is also the first President to be an alumni of San Beda College and now, he will be the first president to have triplets for grandchildren during his tenure as the President of the Philippines.

Congratulations to the Duterte-Carpio family and may your triplets be Partners for Change in the future!


One thought on “Three cheers for Inday Sara: First Daughter pregnant with triplets

  1. Congratulations! Hope everything goes well. Triplet pregnancy is a very delicate one indeed. Of course, there is the great likelihood for an early delivery. Oh, I just wish for all the best. This is just astounding. I’m sure the president feels proud.


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