Eight OPM Tracks for you to listen this Buwan ng Wika

Ipagmalaki ang musikang Pilipino!

August is the Buwan ng Wika, also known as the Month of the Filipino Language. Every Buwan ng Wika, schools encourage students to speak in the Filipino language and there are always events aimed to appreciating the Filipino language like events where people can showcase their skills in Filipino poetry (and much recently, in Filipino spoken word) and of course, this is also the month to give appreciation to the Filipino language songs that our country produces.

And with that, here are eight OPM tracks from emerging OPM artists sung in the Filipino language that are sure to give you a better appreciation of songs in the Filipino language whether you’re a Filipino or a foreigner.

  1. In Lab Na In Lab – Sue Ramirez

From the Choose Amore, Choose Love album, In Lab Na In Lab is an upbeat track that will surely give you the Colbie Caillat vibes. The song’s title comes from the Filipino accent pronunciation of the Taglish phrase “In love na in love” (So in love).

2. Di Mo Lang Alam – Altitude.7

From the emerging OPM Boyband Altitude.7 comes the ballad track “Di Mo Lang Alam”. The song is pretty reminiscent of the OPM ballads from the mid-2000s which frankly was the best era of OPM ballads. This song deals with unrequited love in a non-cheesy way which is a fresh welcome from most OPM songs that are cheesy even if unrequited love is the topic.

3. Superhero – Eurika

Although Eurika has been in the OPM scene for quite a while, she is still a bit underrated which is why she earns a spot on this list. Despite the song having an English title, the lyrics are in Filipino and in this song, Eurika sings about how her person of interest is better than famous superheroes such as Flash and Iron Man. We have to admit, that’s pretty cheesy but this R&B track makes up on its well-executed beat that is reminiscent of Rihanna’s hits from the early 2010s.

4. Papatayin Kita – Lolito Go

The song is probably scary af based on the title (why would someone call their song “I’ll kill you”?, you might ask) but there’s a good reason why the song got it’s title. Lolito Go, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, had his eyes opened when he found out that what started off as a plain and simple campaign to lower drug crimes has led into a bloodfest that nobody really voted for. Sensing that he needed to take a stand on the Extrajudicial Killings (EJKs) happening nationwide, he released this song hoping that people will be able to call out the President on his mistakes when necessary. He may have gotten hate from this but the hate only made him stronger and as we speak, he has not stopped taking a stand against EJKs.

5. Maleta – Nissimac Eternal

Emerging OPM artist Nissimac Eternal tackles the true struggles that OFWs go through with his R&B track “Maleta” (which is Filipino for “Suitcase”). This is one of the many songs that tackle the reality that not all OFWs are lucky enough when they have made their big break because if abusive bosses are not their problem, it is their abusive relatives back at home who are the problem.

6. Miss na miss kita – Diane de Mesa

“Miss na miss kita” is one of the songs off Diane’s 2010 album “Only for you” but she re-released it in 2016. The song is a fresh update to the OPM Ballads from the early 2000s and Diane’s strong vocals adds to the emotional nature of this post-break up song.

7. Hayaan Mo – Den Paras

Although “Hayaan Mo” is just a Filipino version of The Beatles’ hit song “Let It Be”, it deserves a spot on this list as this may just be the first Filipino version of the hit song and not to mention, the translation of the lyrics is definitely spot-on! We gotta give it up to Den for reinventing the song for Filipino listeners!

8. Tatlong Bibe – Acapellago

Last and not the least is Acapellago’s cover of the Philippines’ pop culture anthem of 2016, “Tatlong Bibe”. The acapella group’s take on the famous nursery rhyme gives a fresh outlook to the song and as of writing, the song has been listened to over 215,000 times on Spotify. You thought this list wouldn’t get away with bringing up Tatlong Bibe? Well you’re wrong!

We hope that these eight songs will freshen up the way you look at OPM because yes, even OPM isn’t spared from the evolution that musical genres face so the best way to keep OPM alive is to welcome the changes that it encounters.

Maligayang Buwan ng Wika from Sampaguita Nation!


2 thoughts on “Eight OPM Tracks for you to listen this Buwan ng Wika

  1. Hi Sampaguita Nation! Thank you so much for featuring my song in your blog! It’s an honor! ☺️ Just fyi, my “Only for you” album is released this year 2016 and “Miss na miss kita” was initially posted in youtube in 2010, but re-released this year to be part of my album. 😊 More power to your site! – Diane de Mesa


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