Anatomy of a Murderer: A recipe for a broken Philippines

The short film delivers the chilling effects of removing due process in the Philippine legal system in the style of a cooking show.

Anatomy of a Murder is a short film by Tyra Alvarade, Jamie Cheng and Wayne Novera that gives the viewers a look into an alternate universe wherein the worst combination of deterring crimes is enacted: the reintroduction of death penalty and the removal of due process (does it remind you of 1976, anyone?).

What makes the film really chilling is the fact that the alternate universe that it presents is unfortunately, a highly plausible future for this country, especially if we continue to encourage ideological purists and fail to set aside our differences and unite our nation just this once against despotic policies such as the one illustrated in the film.


Anatomy of a Murderer is a film starring Jon Siy and Wayne Novera and it is directed by Tyra Alvarade, Jamie Cheng and Wayne Novera.


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