Biogesic and Bioflu fakes have surfaced

Medicines sold by pharmaceutical company UNILAB have been faked lately and here’s how you can tell the fake ones apart from the genuine.

Many products have been faked these days Рfrom designer shoes and bags to cellphones. It appears that here in the Philippines, those are not just the only things that are being faked, various netizens found out that medicines sold by local pharmaceutical company UNILAB have been faked as well.

Biogesic and Bioflu, the company’s flagship medications for fever and flu have been the subject of over-the-counter drugs being counterfeited.

Take for example the case of Keziah De La Rama who bought Bioflu from a neighborhood sari-sari store and realized that the Bioflu that she bought from the said store was a fake after buying the same drug from a Mercury Drug.

The caption of the photo reads:

Obvious pigment difference and different font on letter U…

I experienced that with bioflu. Napansin ko kaagad na fake kase faint yung color. Nabili ko lang sa small sari-sari store, nagtinda sila ng common meds. Tapos bumili ako sa mercury drug to compare.

I experienced that with bioflu. I’ve noticed right away that it’s fake because the color is faint. I bought it from a small sari-sari store, they sell common meds. Then I bought from mercury drug to compare.

The same netizen also reported that the Bioflu she bought from a sari-sari store even had a different packaging from the original Bioflu:

The caption on the photo reads:

Print on the packaging fades out easily…

This is just the back of the previous image

with obvious pigment difference

and different font on letter U….

Netizen Char Raz also had a similar experience of purchasing a faked Bioflu except that in her case, the packaging on the fake misspelled “Bioflu” into “Bloflu”

The caption reads:

Yung sa akin naman sa harap Bioflu pero sa likod “Bloflu”

On minde, it says Bioflu on the tablet but the packaging says “Bloflu”

Meanwhile, netizen Joynee Jhunel Bajado Bautista pointed out the difference between a fake Biogesic and a real Biogesic, stating that the packaging of the fakes have a bright blue color and dotted patterns while the genuine packaging has a dark blue color and a diamond pattern:

Napakahelpful nito…Meron po nagbibigay na nagpapakilala na agent some of them genuine some are fake

This is so helpful…Someone gives these around and introduces themselves as agents, some of the [Biogesic that they give] are genuine, some are fake

Clever Brain Farts, the Facbeook page that posted these reports of faked UNILAB medicines, notified UNILAB of people seeing fakes of their medicines and thankfully, UNILAB responded to the concern:

Apart from responding to Clever Brain Farts’ report on faked UNILAB medicines, UNILAB has also released¬†an infographic on how to tell the difference between a fake Biogesic and a real one:

Remember to stay safe and buy your medicines only from trusted sources such as drug stores.


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