Epic Rap Battles of History: Filipino Edition

For the upcoming National Heroes’ day, YouTube star Mikey Bustos treats us to a re-telling of Philippine history Epic Rap Battles of History style

Filipino-Canadian YouTube star Mikey Bustos is currently in the country to shoot some videos for his channel and recently, he has released a video to commemorate the National Heroes’ day that opens with a foreigner asking Mikey if Filipinos are Spanish. A flabbergasted Mikey then explains to the foreigner why Filipinos are different from the Spanish through a rap number and the rest as they say it, is history.

Two days prior to the release of the video, Mikey Bustos also released behind the scenes photos for the video on his Instagram account which you can view below:

What do we think of this video?

As usual, Mikey Bustos does not fail to disappoint his viewers with his quality content and we could say that these days, his videos have gotten even better. His take on educating people of what the Filipinos are (and aren’t) is truly an effective one and with this we could say, Mikey is back in the Filipino YouTuber’s radar!


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