Ten kawaii Instagrammers that you should be following NOW!

Need more cuteness on your feeds? Check out these ten Instagram users that you should be following!

1. Naomi Nikola (@naomeoww)


A post shared by ♡ babydoll ♡ (@naomeoww) on

Naomi Nikola is a Filipina fashion blogger based in Japan and her fashion sense is those of the fashion trends that you find in Harajuku. Her fashion is somewhere between the gyaru and nymphet fashion styles (for example, what she wears in the photo above is inspired from the nymphet fashion).

2. Chai (@_ohmylittlegirl)

✨🎀🐱💖🐱🎀✨ * My purikura photos with Ciara (@aoikisetsu) are now up on ohmylittlegirl.net 💕

A post shared by Chai Mungcal 🍑 (@_chainyan) on

Chai’s Instagram feed is a hodge-podge of photos from her daily life, her cats and basically, anything cute that she comes across with. If those are your things, you should be following her IG account now!

3. Zofie Zeng (@zoefreaking)

Lying on Doughnut 🍩 #swimming #pool #swimmingpool #summer #doughnut #float #floating

A post shared by ZOFIEZENG💋 (@zofreaking) on

If you’re into cosplaying and you want more cuteness on your feed, Zofie Zeng is another person that you should be following on Instagram. Zofie also posts a lot of travel photos so it’s a plus if you’re also into travelling.

4. Remalene Bulay (@malenebulay)

If you are into Tamagotchi, Remaline Bulay is one Instagram user who you should be following as she posts pictures of her Tamagotchi collection every now and then. Also watch out for her posts of beauty products!

5. Fancy Artsy (@fancyartsy)

Happy Friyay!

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If you’re looking for pegs for your cute planners and stationery sets, Fancy Artsy may be the Instagram account for you to follow! The account’s owner posts pictures of their stationery sets and self-designed planners.

6. Kaye Romero (@dollykaye)

Kaye Romero’s Instagram feed boasts of her creations for her Dolly Kaye clothing line (among her OOTD posts) so if you’re looking to start your own Kawaii fashion line, you might want to take inspiration from her.

7. Alyssa May (@pandalyssa)

b&w w/ loose shirt wiiiieee 🐼 #pandaph #kawaiiph #pandagirl

A post shared by Alyssa May (@pandalyssaa) on

Alyssa May is an avid collector of stuffed pandas and basically anything that has pandas on it so her Instagram feed is definitely full of cute panda stuff!

8. Femchien (@koreanadoll)

Femchien’s Instagram feed is the go-to destination for Hello Kitty lovers out there as she shows us her collection of Hello Kitty items as well as other Sanrio collectibles.

9. Yoona (@yoona_san02)

Yoona’s Instagram Feed is a good source for pegs on your next Kawaii selfie. She’s also fan of yaoi so if you happen to be one, her account is worth following!

10. Aki (@aki.mori)

Kitty😻 #coordinate #todayscode

A post shared by 秋 (Aki🍁) (@aki.mori) on

Aki’s Instagram feed is the convergence of Kawaii and Hipster which makes it a lot more worthy of following! There’s also a bit of cosplaying thrown in as she is a cosplayer.


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