Five Things We Loved in APCC 2016

Also known as reasons why AsiaPop Comic Con should keep happening every year!

1. This Star Wars training academy


One of the exhibitors for this year’s Asia Pop ComicCon is Fightsaber Philippines, a group of Filipino Star Wars fans dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen accurate replicas of Jedis and Siths from the Star Wars series.

But here’s the fun part – they teach Star Wars fans the art of surviving a lightsaber battle. The photo above shows a Jedi of the Fightsaber Philippines group teaching young fans of the Star Wars series on how to use a lightsaber. We’ve noticed that the combat moves that they taught to fans are somewhat similar to the combat moves used in Arnis.

So after they teach you how to use the lightsaber, you are pitted in a battle against the Siths. Here’s how it looks like in action, by the way:


2. This Steven Universe cosplay group


One awesome thing that we noticed as we went around the main exhibition hall of Asia Pop ComicCon was this Steven Universe cosplay group. They were the most accurate Steven Universe cosplayers we’ve seen in our entire history of attending cons in the Philippines.

3. This skateboarding kid


We spotted this little one at DC’s exhibition where congoers can try out the skateboards for free and at such a young age, he was really good at working with the skateboard. This kid’s got a bright future ahead and he might even bring us home an Olympic Gold someday if skateboarding were to be an Olympic Sport.

4. These lifelike figurines


As with most cons in the Philippines, creators and sellers of lifelike figurines are always exhibitors. This one in particular caught our eye, we might not know who the people these figurines took after but the bride looks a lot like Senator Grace Poe.

5. This Rey cosplayer


No explanation needed. Just look how fierce she is. Just like the character she cosplays as.


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