Here’s an exclusive detail from the APCC 2016 Marvel Showcase

One upcoming Marvel film is getting an early release date in the Philippines!

Earlier this week, we posted this on our Instagram account:

We've got our Hall M tags for this Sunday's preview of Doctor Strange at the #AsiaPopComicCon! #APCC #APCC2016 #DoctorStrange

A post shared by Sampaguita Nation (@sampaguitanation) on

When we received the Hall M tags, all we knew was that it was a special preview for the upcoming Marvel movie, “Doctor Strange”. What we didn’t know was that there is more to Hall M than just the Doctor Strange preview.

Previews of the upcoming seasons for three existing Marvel TV series were also unveiled and APCC 2016 guests also graced Hall M – among them are Millie Brown who plays Eleven in Stranger Things and Nicholas Hoult who plays X Men’s Beast.

The best part of course is this one: It was announced earlier today at Hall M that Doctor Strange is getting an early release date in the Philippines, which, according to C.B. Cebulski, is sometime this October.

Let’s hope this won’t be the only time Marvel favors the Philippines for early movie releases!


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