Doctor Who Harassed a Washington Post Reporter May Lose Their PRC License

Is this the end of this man’s medical career? 

In the Philippines, anyone who has a license from PRC is viewed with high esteem and so, Filipinos who have licenses from that government agency tend to assert their privilege – and sometimes, it does not end well.

Enter Reymark Calma, a medical doctor connected with the FrontMED Medical Clinics and the Makati Medical Center. He was so butthurt with foreign journalists criticizing the current Philippine government that he harassed Washington Post Reporter Emily Rauhala.

As you can see, soon-to-be ex-Dr. Calma is pretty butthurt to the point that he has said all expletives imaginable to the Washington Post Reporter. Even President Duterte would not go that low to his critics. This soon-to-be-ex-Doctor is definitely living a life of high crass.

Of course, this crassy Doctor is not going anywhere anymore. Enter Matthew Lopez, a concerned Filipino citizen who is leading the campaign to strip Dr. Calma of his PRC medical license.

His original post calling for Dr. Calma’s PRC license to be revoked has since been taken down but Quotes & Aesthetics was able to produce screenshots of the said post:

(On a side note, he is also on The Filipino Doctor’s listing of doctors)

In order for the PRC to revoke Dr. Reymark Calma’s license, a complaint should be made against him through the Board of Medicine on the grounds of immorality. Do note though, before you can actually go file a complaint against him, you’d need to consult with a lawyer first (unless you’re a lawyer yourself, then you’re good to go with filing a complaint against him without seeing a lawyer first).

What we’re seeing here is not just a case of people unable to accept differing viewpoints (as the sentiment against the current government is also true among Filipinos in the Philippines and not just to foreign journalists) – but this is also a case of xenophobia in the sense that we are unwilling to accept differing viewpoints from non-Filipinos.

Who even knew that xenophobia is slowly becoming an acceptable Filipino value these days? What a horrible time for us to be Filipinos, indeed!


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