The Manila Standard in hot water after releasing a smutty headline

When Political RPF meets real life

Earlier today, humor blogger Professional Heckler uploaded a screenshot of The Manila Standard’s report on the House Hearing on the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) Drug Trade under Senator Leila De Lima’s term as the Department of Justice Secretary.

Yup, that is an actual headline used for an actual article by The Manila Standard. As of press time, the article is still up with the same title on their website.

The fact that the headline seemed rather lewd elicited various responses from Filipino netizens. One netizen praised the newspaper for its ingenuity in coming up with that particular headline:

While another netizen who identifies themselves as a supporter of President Duterte thinks that the headline is distasteful:

For Regis Andanar, he took it as an opportunity to make fun of the newspaper’s name:

Not to mention that this netizen pointed out how Tempo, one of the tabloids in the Philippines, has a more decent headline than what the Manila Standard used:

Radyo Veritas anchor and former Senate staffer Rizalito David also criticized the Manila Standard on their smutty headline on the NBP investigations:

For those who missed it, the Manila Standard is one of the major broadsheets in the Philippines and they have always been one of the most reliable broadsheets in the country until this incident happened.

We don’t know what caused them to think up of such headline but someone should remind them that they are journalists for a major broadsheet, not Political RPF fanfiction writers specializing in smut.


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