#ThankYou2016 for James Reid’s #BeatEnergyGap

The ad campaign from Milo starring James Reid gained infamy as a dance craze-slash-meme.

#ThankYou2016 is Sampaguita Nation’s series of posts commemorating all the good things that happened in the year 2016. Granted that 2016 was mostly a horrible year, there are still good things that happened and they should be acknowledged before we kiss this year goodbye.

Milo launched an advertising campaign last November which was called #BeatEnergyGap. The ad campaign highlighted how the chocolate malt drink is sure to energize its drinkers throughout the day.

Milo chose the ABS-CBN actor James Reid to be the face of the campaign. As he happens to be a singer signed under Star Records (ABS-CBN’s record label), singing was then involved in the ad campaign with some dance moves thrown in and this was the result:

Since this ad was played on TV in almost all channels in the Philippines a lot (especially during primetime) – the ad gained a cult status, both as a dance craze and as a meme. Some even feel that the song that James Reid made for the ad (called “Beat Energy Gap”) is better than his entire discography combined and we definitely agree with that!

The Dance Cover Videos

The first phase of this ad campaign’s fame came in the form of people doing dance covers of this ad such as Jess Oruga’s choreography video for the ad:

Another viral dance cover of #BeatEnergyGap came from Anne B. Mateo

Jerico Salido also made a dance cover of #BeatEnergyGap that could only be described as a Jejemon’s version of the dance craze:

Parody Videos for #BeatEnergyGap

It wasn’t until Parody Videos of #BeatEnergyGap came out when the said dance craze gained its status as a meme. The most famous parody video is the one where the product advertised instead of Milo is Buko Juice:

Another parody of #BeatEnergyGap seems to look like a tourism commercial for Al Rayyan in Qatar:

Some parodies also feature celebrities “dancing” to the song such as this one featuring Chris Brown:

Another parody video is of the President of the Philippines himself, Rodrigo Duterte:

And of his sworn mortal enemy, Senator Leila De Lima:

Meanwhile, in the K-Pop fandom, a parody video showing SNSD “dancing” to #BeatEnergyGap has also surfaced:

K-Pop boyband BTS also received the same treatment:

Heck, there’s even a DOTA version of #BeatEnergyGap (not sure if we’re going to cringe at this or not):

Someone even made a #BeatEnergyGap parody featuring James Reid’s beau, Nadine Lustre. This one uses footage from Whisper’s “All Day No Check” ad campaign where she was the face of.

Of course, hindi magpapahuli ang Sampaguita Nation as we also did our take of #BeatEnergyGap featuring Strictly Come Dancing Series 14’s most popular contestant, Ed Balls (and his dance partner, Katya Jones):

(and we should take note that he can give James Reid a run for his money on this Beat Energy Gap thing. I mean look at how he dances, he’s definitely beaten energy gap!)

The infamous ad campaign from Milo may have just served as a boost to James Reid’s career and we’re pretty sure he’s thankful that he signed to be the face of the campaign. Although, he just needs to reconcile with the fact that the song he did for this ad campaign is way better than his entire discography combined.



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