#ThankYou2016 for Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Verzosa and Imelda Schweighart

Here’s to the three confidently beautiful with a heart ladies who made 2016 more bearable!

#ThankYou2016 is Sampaguita Nation’s series of posts commemorating all the good things that happened in the year 2016. Granted that 2016 was mostly a horrible year, there are still good things that happened and they should be acknowledged before we kiss this year goodbye.

2016 is also the year when three remarkable Filipina Beauty Queens left a positive mark in this chaotic world. Their beauty that radiates inside and out did not just leave an uplifting mark on the Filipino people but to everyone else in the world as well.

Pia Wurtzbach

The Miss Universe 2015 titleholder from Cagayan de Oro did not only spend her 2016 engaging in photoshoots and product endorsements – she also used her Miss Universe reign as a platform to push forward the causes close to her heart which are HIV/AIDS awareness and Food Security.

Her cause on HIV/AIDS awareness led to more Filipinos (in particular) being open to the issues surrounding the disease. Through Pia Wurtzbach, Filipinos have become more compassionate to those who have the disease and of course, Filipinos have become more open to having themselves tested for the disease and educating others on how they can prevent the disease from spreading.

For her cause on Food Security, she has dedicated most of her spare time in New York as a volunteer for God’s Love NYC, a charitable institution that brings food to sick people through initiatives such as #CelebrateWithAPlate.

Kylie Verzosa

Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa gave a positive impact to the world through her advocacy for mental health. It is through this advocacy of hers that Filipinos became more open with the discourse on mental health – and she helped Filipinos open up more to the discourse by sharing her own experience with mental health issues.

The Baguio City beauty queen and mental health advocate already has plans rolling in order to take her advocacy a notch higher – she plans to put up a foundation that would advocate awareness on mental health issues such as depression and suicide.

Imelda Schweighart

beaten down but still alive πŸŒΈπŸ‘ don't give up 🐚🌴 what people say about you is not who you are but it is a reflection of themselves 🌹 wash their dirt off 🐚☘️my eye bags and my eyes were not happy at all. this is not my dream. all i wanted was to impart a piece of my enlightenment to the mind controlled population in my country yet it is impossible for 1 girl to do that if she is a 1 man army in that field. i dared.. thats what's important. i realized to leave people the way they are. sabi ko sa sarili ko, sanay naman ako sa paghihirap, sagarin ko na para naman makatulong ako sa mga hindi nagiisip dahil marami sila- baka may magising. Now i understand why 144,000 lives are the only ones who will be going to heaven. #Jesus #Prophecy #descendants this sash if you read it nakasulat Lipin. dagdagan natin ng A. Para Alipin. #alipin

A post shared by Imelda πŸŒžπŸšπŸ™πŸ½ (@ima_veganbaby) on

The former Miss Philippines Earth 2016 titleholder from Puerto Princesa is unapologetic with her advocacy on civil rights and environmental protection. Her advocacy on civil rights once gained her controversy when she told Austria’s Miss Earth 2016 candidate the truth about the lapses of the President of the Philippines when it comes to maintaining civil rights in the Philippines.

However, this did not stop her from speaking her mind out and she continued doing so without the help of questionable figures like the Liberal Party. That made her a strong force to be reckoned with.

As an environmental protection advocate, Imelda Schweighart promotes resourcefulness and organic living – evident with the fact that she is a vegetarian and of course, evident with the organic food that she prepares herself. In fact, she makes organic food preparation more accessible by indicating how they are made on her Instagram account.

Give it up for these three ladies who are confidently beautiful with a heart!


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