#ThankYou2016 for Vell Baria

Sampaguita Nation’s artist of the month for July 2016 has brightened up our year too!

#ThankYou2016 is Sampaguita Nation’s series of posts commemorating all the good things that happened in the year 2016. Granted that 2016 was mostly a horrible year, there are still good things that happened and they should be acknowledged before we kiss this year goodbye.

The Beauty Queen, OPM Singer and Mental Health self-advocate hailing from Makati City amazed us this 2016 when she won the 1st place for the Performing Arts – Adult category of the 7th ANCA Autism Festival in Vancouver, Canada last October 1, 2016.

She performed three songs for the competition and it was very evident from her vocals to the way she presented herself to the audience and judges that she was worthy of the first place.

Vell Performs F. Mendelssohn’s Hear Ye Israel (from Elijah)

Vell performs Johann Strauss’ Spring in my Heart

Vell performs Eagles’ Hotel California

Vell receives the INAP Award for Performing Arts

In addition to landing the first place in the Performing Arts – Adult category for ANCA’s Autism Festival this year, she also received two awards. The first award being the Excellence in Performance (received by all fifteen finalists to the Performing Arts – Adult category) and the Best in Visual Arts – Individual (received by the Top 3 of the Performing Arts – Adult category).


Vell Baria receives the Excellence in Performance and Best in Visual Arts awards


Vell Baria receives the 1st place award for the Performing Arts – Adult category

Congratulations to Vell Baria for her victories at the ANCA Autism Festival 2016 and to Vell, thank you so much for making a difference this 2016!


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