Miss Universe 2016 Preliminaries: Our Top 5 picks for Evening Gown

The Miss Universe 2016 preliminaries has just concluded and 85 stunning ladies have graced the stage with their evening gowns and swimwear. Here are our Top 5 picks for the Evening Gown portion!

1. Sweden


What we love about it: Her gown is quite unique compared to most evening gowns worn to the Miss Universe preliminaries. This one has pictures printed on it. No one exactly knows what these pictures are – could these be pictures close to her heart? Or random pictures picked out by the designer?

2. Thailand


What we love about it: Miss Thailand’s gown design is pretty common, however, her designer was still able to do something about it so that the gown would remain distinctly unique for her. Do note that her designer did very well in accentuating her curves.

3. British Virgin Islands


What we love about it: This time around, Miss British Virgin Islands’ evening gown accentuates her long legs (rather than her curves). We can say that her designer executed the accentuating of her long legs quite well. Not to mention that the color used for the gown perfectly matches Miss British Virgin Islands’ personality – calm yet determined.

4. Canada


What we love about it: Miss Canada’s evening gown reminds us of Megara’s dress in Hercules. Not to mention that Miss Canada totally looks like a Greek Goddess in here evening gown. Her evening gown also reflects her fierce personality and with that, I say that her designer did an excellent job dressing her up for the evening gown competition.

5. Miss Curacao


What we love about it: The “dark colors don’t look good on dark skin” statement is total BS to be honest and Miss Curacao’s evening gown for this year’s Miss Universe is a testament to the fact that your skin color shouldn’t give you limitations to the colors of your clothing. Dark blue suits Miss Curacao very well and you gotta love the silver-accented bodice of her evening gown!

Stay updated with our Miss Universe 2016 coverage here!


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