This Thai Commercial for a Condominium is progressive af!

Featuring an interracial LGBT+ couple, an old lady marathon runner and a Southeast Asian ballerina.

Yesterday, SC ASSET, one of Thailand’s largest real estate developers, released the commercial for their brand-new condominium, the 28 CHIDLOM. The commercial is mostly in English and only runs for one minute, however, this doesn’t diminish the heartwarming quality that this ad, along with numerous Thai commercials share.

So what exactly made this commercial progressive af?

The commercial features an old woman who appears to be training for a marathon. It also features an interracial gay couple who are celebrating their wedding in the commercial. Lastly, a Thai ballerina is featured in the commercial.

These may seem small things at first but in a world where old people running marathons, same-sex marriage and Southeast Asian ballerinas are considered minorities, this commercial would mean so much. Especially that minorities being represented, even in media, isn’t so prevalent in most parts of Southeast Asia.

And SC ASSET hopes to change those things in Southeast Asia with their #CHOOSECHIDLOM campaign.

What do you think of this commercial?


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