Meet the consort of Miss Universe 2016!

The newly-crowned Miss Universe has been in a relationship with a fellow dentist who is a huge fan of football.

The previous reigning Miss Universe got herself a consort a month before her reign ended. The current Miss Universe, it turns out, has had her consort even before being crowned.

Meet Matthieu Declercq! The ever-supportive partner of Iris Mittenaere

Like her partner, Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere, Matthieu is also a dentist (though it is unknown if they work for the same clinic or hospital) and when he is not busy tending to the dental health of his patients, he watches football matches – and he appears to support Team Ireland at Euro 2016 according to one of his first Instagram posts:

#irlande #euro2016 #1-0 #victoire #magique

A post shared by Matthieu Declercq (@kokomat) on

A look further into his Instagram account reveals that he is a globetrotter as well:

Jumeirah Beach With the queen 😬🕶📸✈️. #dubai #dxb #uae #holidays #sky #buildings #jumeirah #jbr

A post shared by Matthieu Declercq (@kokomat) on

But the best part of his Instagram account would be this recent post of his:

The video shows footage of the Miss Universe 2016 coronation from the audience side that Matthieu took and you can clearly hear his reaction when his partner was crowned Miss Universe.

Now that’s #relationshipgoals!

And to close this post, have this selfie of Matthieu before he performed a dental surgery:

Début du game 🤓🔝🚀 #surgery #dentist #odontologia #lille #medical #cabinet

A post shared by Matthieu Declercq (@kokomat) on

Would you 10/10 trust your teeth on him and his partner? Let us know in the comments section below!


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