Do the #VVPose

What started out as a signature pose by a pair of sisters who are fashion bloggers has evolved into a meme. This is the #VVPose!

Fashion blogger sisters Vern and Vernice Enciso are well-known for one thing – and that is their #VVPose whenever they appear on pictures together. The pose is basically just them holding hands and angling their arms in a way that it is shaped like a “V”.


This is the #VVpose

Soon enough, their fans imitated the pose:


A pair of friends doing the #VVPose


Another pair of friends doing the #VVPose (by Judith Aman, IG: @jaiidith)

And then people started doing the pose in random places…

Whether while at work in the airport…


A pair of friends doing the #VVPose at the NAIA Terminal 3 tarmac (by Shanel, IG: @shanelrbls)

Or while scuba diving underwater…


Anywhere is a perfect place for a #VVPose, just ask them! (by Diana; IG: @yansrandomness)

In fact, it appears that famous personalities have caught up with this trend. Case in point, this summer’s most controversial couple, Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux:


We assume they do not know that what they’re doing is called the #VVPose so yeah, Emmanuel and Brigitte, that’s called the #VVPose

The amount of people recreating the pose is still growing and you can see them all here!




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