Tim Hortons to open a branch in the Philippines!

It’s a double double treat for the Philippines this week! Just last Wednesday, IKEA announced their intention to open a store here in the Philippines and today? Canadian donut shop chain Tim Hortons has also expressed their intention to operate here in the Philippines!

Hold on to your seats because here are the details we got so far on the plans of Tim Hortons to expand to the Philippines (according to a report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation):

  • Restaurant Brands International, the multinational owner and operator for Burger King and Tim Hortons has partnered with a group of investors to establish a master franchise joint venture company across Southeast Asia
  • The said master franchise joint venture company will be responsible for operating Tim Hortons across Southeast Asia, with the Philippine being the first country to benefit from them as our country has a strong economy and a fast growing quick-service market according to Daniel Schwartz, the chief executive.
  • RBI has yet to divulge how many branches will open across the Philippines and any new menu items specific for the Philippines won’t be divulged either until the first Philippine location of Tim Hortons opens.
Tim Hortons of course, is not the first Canadian donut shop chain to operate in the Philippines. Country Style holds the honor of that one, having more than 30 branches across Metro Manila. Despite that, we couldn’t get any more excited to finally have Tim Hortons on our shores!