Erap, Gloria, PNoy, FVR and PDiggy met and a Photoshop Battle happened

Something historic happened today and that historic event were the living former presidents of the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte meeting for the first time. In a photo released by the Philippine Star, the five join for a photo together at the Malacanang Palace

Filipino Netizens took this as an opportunity to photoshop them to different situations given the awkward nature of this picture – former President Erap Estrada being beside former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who imprisoned and later freed him, President Rodrigo Duterte looking like he just pulled a prank on the four people he is with and former Presidents Ramos flashing an awkward smile for whatever reason we do not know of and former President Aquino looking like he’s wishing that the photo-op would be done already.

Cutting to the chase, here are the best from the Photoshop battle of President Duterte’s picture with our four former presidents

Erap, Gloria, PDiggy, FVR and PNoy as the cast of the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden

Some people could still not get over Miriam Defensor-Santiago never becoming president

The Avengers featuring Big Bird from Sesame Street; edited by Paolo Vicencio

As the cast of Suicide Squad

As characters of GTA V; edited by Saab Saaban

“First, let me take a selfie!”

And here they are gatecrashing the launch of Grace Poe’s presidential campaign

Of course, we also had something to offer to this ongoing Photoshop battle of PDiggy’s picture with the four former presidents and here they are at the red carpet of the Oscars:

Only one of them is actually in show business

Looking at all these photo edits, we could agree with one thing: It’s still more fun in the Philippines after all.