Artist of the Month: Vell Baria

Sampaguita Naiton rolls out its new post series: The "Artist of the Month" where we feature a singer or a band in our country every month. These singers/bands may be emerging or well-established bands although we want to put more priority on our emerging artists because they are the future of OPM. 

For the month of July, and for our first Artist of the Month, we have Vell Baria!

Vell Baria is a classical and pop lyric coloratura soprano hailing from Manila. Apart from being a singer, she is also a beauty queen, having won the Miss Congeniality title of Miss Possibilities 2015 (a beauty pageant for girls with special needs that was founded by Suzanna Pavadee Vicheinrut Yuzon, Thailand’s Miss Universe 1995 candidate and two time candidate of Thailand to the Mrs. World pageant). 

Vell Baria at the Miss Possibilities 2015 pageant

Vell Baria’s musical career is on doing song covers on YouTube and her song covers cover a wide range – from international pop hits to OPM hits and musical hits from other countries. The most notable of her song covers at this point is her cover of Miracle by Samra (Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2016 entry). 

A bit of backgrounder, fans of the Eurovision song contest pointed out that Samra’s live performance of "Miracle" had problems – in other words, Samra had difficulty hitting the high notes so her vocals sounded like it was all over the place. 

Eurovision fans who have heard of Vell’s cover of the song have nothing but favorable remarks over Vell’s rendition of the song as she was able to hit all the high notes of the song without any difficulty.

Miracle, of course, was not Vell Baria’s first song cover of a Eurovision song as she also covered the winning entry of Eurovision 2014, Conchita Wurst’s "Rise Like A Phoenix"

Before Vell Baria became famous for doing covers of Eurovision songs, she first became famous for her renditions of Kundiman songs which earned her the moniker of "Kundiman Queen" earlier in her career. Her reputation for being a Kundiman performer came from her win at the Kundiman Sa Makati 2014 where she sang "Mutya ng Pasig".

And here is her performing the same song a year later…

These aren’t even half of ALL of Vell’s performances. Her YouTube channel has hundreds more of videos of her live performances and cover videos and you can see how versatile she is as a singer. 

You can see more of Vell’s performances and song covers on her YouTube channel here and of course, don’t forget to follow Vell Baria on her social media accounts. Here is her Facebook page and here is her Instagram.


Artist of the Month is Sampaguita Nation’s monthly post series featuring emerging (and sometimes, well-established) Filipino singers.